What are Sensory Floor Stickers?

Sensory Floor Sticker Kits

Sensory Floor Stickers are taking the world by storm. With a fun spin on education, there’s no wonder why!

Kinaesthetic learning, also known as tactile learning, is a teaching style that means learning is accompanied by physical activity, rather than sitting down at a desk or looking at a chalkboard. For example, having a hopscotch with numbers from 1 to 10 lets them have fun, learn to follow instructions, learn numbers as well as what order they’re in and also do physical exercise.

This is where Sensory Floor Stickers come in; asking children to follow a path, balance, jump and follow numbers/letters is a perfect way to keep their minds active, improve motor skills and aid their learning.

Making a learning experience fun as well as educational

Making more of an impact on small children as well as keeping children with learning difficulties involved and happy!

Studies have proven that time away from desks aids concentration; so brightening up empty spaces and long, boring corridors could benefit everyone as well as adding character to unused spaces. Many are sold as kits with separate elements so they can be laid out in any order that you may require. This means that even the smallest and narrowest places can be transformed into a new adventure for the children!

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