Straight to The Point with The Perfect POS – Point of Sale!

Marketing Products

Getting your POS and POP right is extremely crucial.

What does POS mean?

POS stands for Point of Sale, also known as the areas around checkouts and counters. In the advertising industry, POS is also used to describe printed advertisements that will be seen by potential customers.

What does POP mean?

POP is used by retailers to refer to the “Point of Purchase” which is a part of the store that all customers must use. For years confectionary was a great example, placed strategically near tills and checkouts at shops and supermarkets. This practise is now frowned upon as it was proven that it was putting too much pressure on parents and families with young children.

In Marketing terms, Point of Sale advertisements are found in the Point of Purchase areas of shops and retail environments.

What kind of POS items are out there?

We are proud to say that we have been in the Point of Sale manufacturing industry for many years now, because of this we have noticed purchasing patterns and what’s in at the moment: –

  • Shelf Wobblers
  • Shelf Edge, on rolls or strips
  • Bus Stop Wobblers
  • Shelf Talkers
  • Floor Stickers
  • Posters
  • Signs

Shelf Wobblers:

With a mixture of materials and wobbler arms to choose from, you are guaranteed to get the best wobble out of your Point of Sale!

These are a fabulous and eye-catching way to get your products noticed on a very busy shelf. What they entail is a piece of rigid PVC or recyclable card with a PVC “arm” strategically placed on the back. This arm is flexible with two adhesive pads, one for the back of the face of the wobbler and one for the shelves. The arm is flexible enough for it to “wobble”!

Custom Printed Shelf Wobblers

Shelf Edge Strips / Rolls:

Made from sturdy PVC or recyclable card, in strips or on rolls; full colour and completely customisable. These simple pieces of Point of Sale are perfect for helping you get your message across on a cluttered shop shelf.







Bus Stop Wobblers:

Similar to normal shelf wobblers, they are made from white PVC. What makes them different from Shelf Wobblers is that Bus Stop Wobblers are printed double sided and come with a plastic Bus Stop Shelf Edge Clip.

Bus Stop Shelf Wobblers - Customark

Shelf Talkers:

Shelf Talkers are made from similar materials as Shelf Wobblers making them robust and durable. With a perforated fold that hangs over the shelf to show the desired design, it’s a different and unique way to advertise your brand! With an option to be manufactured with no PVC and no need for PVC wobbler arms these can be made specifically to be much friendlier to the planet; perfect for advertising organic products, cruelty free cosmetics and moving towards a non-plastic world.

POS Custom Shelf Edgers

Floor Stickers:

Floor Stickers are an affordable, fun and unique way to promote your brand or direct foot traffic. From Point of Sale or Safety Floor Signage, Floor Graphics can be printed with almost any design, for almost any floor type. With different slip ratings, duration periods and customisable designs they are perfect for any part of the retail sector, whether it’s in the warehouse or on the shop floor.

gold star sticker on the floorburrito foot print floor sticker










Even something as simple as a Poster can help boost your engagement with your customers. Printed with high quality inks on the right materials means that you can get your Point of Sale message across perfectly; whether that’s a clearance sale, 2-for-1 or advertising a new product!

Promotional Posters


There isn’t a retail sector that doesn’t have some sort of sign; whether it’s the sign above the door, sale signs, health & safety signs, outlet signs etc. If they are printed to a very high quality on the right materials then they can be a vital part of your POS.

So, where can I get these from?

We are print specialists here at Customark Ltd, so this is perfect for us. We have various websites that you can browse through and purchase from, depending on what you’re after. Shelf Wobblers, Shelf Edge Strips / on rolls, Bus Stop Wobblers, Shelf Talkers and Floor Stickers can be found on our websites; Posters and Signs can be quoted upon request! Email or call 00441384264700 to speak to a member of our friendly sales team.

We’re not limited to these products and no project is too much bother for us, let us know your ideas and we will happily assist you as much as we can.