All you need to know about Domed Labels!

Resin Domed Labels

We have found that Domed Labelling has become a popular brand/product labelling technique across a vast range of industries; this is because of the plenitude of benefits these labels have for all kind of environments. If you are on the fence regarding using Domed Labels, also known as Gel Badges, this blog post that we have put together will help explain all that you need to know.

First of all, let us explain what we mean by Domed Labels or Gel Badges. A Domed Label is a 3D label with a clear ‘bubble’ appearance. This is because there is a layer of resin applied over the top of a standard label, the resin is a measured quantity of liquid plastic that is poured on top which then flows to the edge of each label, creating a plastic dome shape. As it’s a standard label underneath, the labels are extremely versatile; from full colour photographs to a brushed metallic look, almost any design and quantities can be printed.

As well as being unique and appealing to look at, there are many other benefits of Domed Labels which include: –

  • Low cost – Starting from £0.25 per label over on our website
  • Design flexibility – As well as being able to be a variety of shapes, different materials can also be used for you to get your desired effect. Metallics are always a nice touch!
  • Durability – The resin makes these labels scratch proof and shatterproof with strong adhesive, chemical resistant finish that can also withstand water
  • Eye catching – 3D quality appearance adds brand value when added to products
  • Tactile appeal – Yes that is a benefit! Due to the smooth, shiny surface people are more likely to touch them. Which then increases their marketability

There’s so many uses when it comes to Domed Labels. One of which is in fact the Beer Industry! Beer pumps to be exact. The 3D effect with the shiny finish is very appealing to the eye when matched with a sleek new beer tap. Got a clothing store and looking to spread your brand? Why not use Gel Badges on your coat hangers? It will definitely make your name stand out! Automotive sector? Domed Labels look great on boats and motorbikes, being water and UV resistant they are a perfect option. Name badges, musical instruments, outer packaging for food products, industrial machinery. Domed Labels look great on all of these!

How Domed Labels are made:

There are many ways that these can be made, one of which is a slight ‘do it yourself’. The first of many components that are needed is print media that has been cut to shape, this will be the standard labels that are underneath the resin dome. A doming kit or a doming machine that either applies the resin manually or automatically as well as various accessories including resin applicators , work trays, mixers, wipes, spirit level and repair tools are also needed. Mercury-free is now an EU requirement, so polyurethane resin is now used in the doming process. And finally, a curing oven; this isn’t a requirement as they can also air-dry.

The environment needs to be right! Ideal for temperature in the room should be 25˚C with less than 35% humidity. It is also free of dust and any fibre particles as this could affect the clarity, smoothness and finish of the resin.

After printing and cutting the images or labels, the sheet is lay flat on a work tray. This is so the resin sits perfectly level.

The resin is then loaded into the applicator with a 90-degree twist and then the static mixer is added by using the same twisting motion. 5ml of material is discarded from the cartridge before use to begin the chemical reaction and prevent any air bubbles from appearing.

Patience is key when applying the resin, time and care is taken when applying around two thirds of the labels size is resin. It will then flow to the edge. Before dust and air bubbles are removed, the newly domed labels are left for a few minutes to sit; if after this time air bubbles have been spotted, the surface is given a quick flash of heat with a flame torch. This isn’t done to excess as it will cause the doming process to fail.

If they are being cured naturally, they are covered with the next work surface and left for 4 hours. By then the domes should be dry. It is faster in the oven, but both have the same end result.

Gel Badges aren’t just limited to what we have mentioned, if you feel like a Domed Label is what you need to make your brand pop then why not speak to a member of our friendly Sales Team? They can be reached on 01384 264700, alternatively you can email