The Versatility of Vinyl

Vinyl offers endless possibilities, the list of uses is a long and bright one!

Appearing as the perfect material, with manufactures continuously improving vinyl allowing the ability to be used on multiple surfaces: including outside floors, glass windows and brick walls.

Vinyl as décor is especially popular with schools, exhibition spaces and offices offering an ideal alternate to hanging posters or pictures. Many combine the concept of decoration and practicality by using vinyl as directional signage. Using directional arrows within an establishment is a creative way to help guide the public around unknown spaces.

Customark have the ability to print high quality, full colour stickers using vinyl, as well as offering a customised service, which allows you to add any text or logo’s to any of our products, ideal for self-promotion.

With advertisers continuously looking for new unique ideas, vinyl for POS products, offers a great way to improve dull walls, floors and corridors.

Any empty space offers a blank canvas for businesses to add attention grabbing artwork while promoting or directing the public to your brand or product.

So, the versatility of vinyl is seemingly endless.

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