How Colours Can Influence Sales?

As one of the UK’s leading print specialists, we understand that colours play a fundamental part in successful marketing campaigns, typically down to the way colours can evoke consumer emotions.

Most marketers and graphic designers will use this as a tool to tailor product packaging & campaign promotions to achieve optimum engagement with their target customers, thus motivating purchases.

We have put together a list of how popular colours and they can be used to increase sales through stirring up emotions.

Red – Tends to be the most popular colour when it comes to marketing, the main colour that grabs people’s attention and holds it. This makes ‘Red’ a powerful promotional tool when it comes to brand identity and marketing. However, moderation is key when it comes to the using Red, too much can appear off putting for customers representing negative connotations such as danger.

Yellow –  Evokes a pleasant, cheerful feelings and is especially effective when it comes to promoting children’s products. Yellow is best used in moderation as an attention getter and often used to highlight important elements of a design.  Similar to red, avoid over using this colour as over use may have a disturbing effect.

Orange – Adopts the energy of red and the happiness of yellow generating high energy, powerful attention grabbing properties. Orange is symbolic of strength and endurance and when used within branding will give the cutting-edge impression.

Blue– Tends to be a popular corporate colour as it helps a brand appear trustworthy, professional and dependable. Best used when mixed with a complimentary colour such as green.

Purple – Wealth, Magic, Mystery, Creativity and Royalty are all associated with the colour purple. With so many positive associations purple is an ideal colour to add a touch of elegance to a brand or campaign.

Green – Universally associated with nature; this versatile colour gives off an inviting feel, allowing customers to experience a pleasant open feeling. Commonly associated with health, environment, serenity.