Get the best wobble out of your Shelf Wobblers

Shelf wobblers are a fun, inexpensive way of promoting a message or campaign to your target customers. Our standard wobblers come fully assembled with a 200mm self-adhesive arm attached.

But, did you know there are a number of other wobbler arm options available?

Depending on the wobbler size and use, some of our more unique shelf wobbler arms may be more effective in helping your promotion stand out.

Aluminium twist wobbler arms
Ideal for larger, heavier shelf wobblers, our soft aluminium wobbler arms are designed to twist, pivot or bend to any desired position. These versatile arms can be adjusted easily but will hold the face securely, allowing for unique viewing angles. 
Available in 75mm length, for just 8p more per wobbler and come with two self-adhesive pads on either end (one attaching to the wobbler, one sticking to your clean, flat surface.

Multi-purpose self-adhesive wobbler arm
Similar to the standard wobbler arm but with a double sided adhesive pad. This offers the option of sticking the wobbler arm to either side of the shelf edge.
These wobbler arms are 200mm in length and cost an additional 5p per wobbler

Data strip wobbler arms (non-adhesive)
This clear PVC T shaped wobbler arm comes with just one self-adhesive pad which attaches to the back of the wobbler. The non-adhesive end is designed to slot into the scanner rail allowing for quick and simple relocation or re-use. Perfect to be used in conjunction with promotional shelf edge strips as this clear arm allows the wobbler to slide behind, or in front of the edge strip, without permanently sticking to it. 
Available in 150mm length, for just 6p more per shelf wobbler.

Self-adhesive shelf springs
With self-adhesive pads on each end, our shelf springs offer a sturdy wobbler arm, ideal for larger, heavier shelf wobblers. Our shelf springs are 30mm in length and the firm spring help to keep large wobblers shelf height.
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Looking for something different?

Ask us about our flashing shelf wobblers

Supplied fully assembled, a self-adhesive pad can be attached to the back of the wobbler which allows for LED lights (RoHS Approved) to be shown through a die punched hole.
This creates a flashing light effect within your wobbler design, which is guaranteed to draw attention to your promotion or product.

Due to the extra weight from the LED light, we recommend using our stronger wobbler arms with this added feature (aluminium twist or shelf springs).

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We offer many other variations of the wobbler arms mentioned, if you’re after something unique, we have experienced team members on hand to discuss any bespoke requirements.

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