Floor Graphics as a P.O.S

Today customers are bombarded with companies competing for attention; typically done though decorating walls, windows and shelves with eye catching advertisements.

But could the future be looking down?

Naturally when walking, we look down –  so why not take advantage? The floor is often over looked as an advertising method, but conventional floor signage has actually been used by leading corporations such as Pepsi and Nestle.

Floor Stickers are an affordable, fun and unique way to promote your brand or direct foot traffic. Many shop floors are blank canvases, so why not capitalise on this opportunity with your own innovative point of purchase promotion.

At Customark Ltd we source the top materials in order to print high quality attention grabbing advertisements. Our products are made from varied vinyl and laminated with a non-slip coating, allowing us to print durable floor graphics with almost any design, for almost every floor type.

For more information, inspiration or to create your own floor sticker online, visit: floorstickers.co.uk